Event Date
Submit your Technical Exhibits display description and/or paper abstract to a Technical Exhibits Co-Chair. Receipt of this item by a Co-Chair will indicate your intention for participating in the Technical Exhibits Session and will reserve space for your presentation. This item may be submitted as late as mid January, but it is stronglyrecommended to submit this item as soon as possible. Include the title of your presentation, company name, and presenter’s names.
Notification of acceptance of your presentation. Notification of acceptance occurs one or two weeks after you submit your display description and/or paper abstract.
Mailing of the conference program. Please supply the title of your Technical Exhibits presentation, your company name, and the names of the presenters to a Co-Chair by Nov 1st for publication in the first printing of the program, which is mailed to all potential attendees nationally and internationally.
Second and last printing of the conference program. This is your last chance to get your Technical Exhibits title, presenter’s names, and company name published in the conference program. This is the program that is handed out to all attendees during the conference. Supply this information to a Technical Exhibits Co-Chair by January 1st.
Reserve Rooms at Beaver Run Resort. Mid December is the last time to reserve rooms to insure room availability and to receive AAS Conference room rates. Reservations received after mid December will be on a space available basis, and group rates may not be available for you.
Identify any audio-visual equipment that you may want to rent from Beaver Run to support your presentation. Refer to Beaver Run Resort’s Audio-Visual Rental Rate sheet. You may reserve your rental equipment when you make your room reservation. Notify a Co-Chair of any special requirements. Reserve equipment by the end of January. You may bring your own equipment; you are not required to rent from Beaver Run Resort. Let a Co-Chair know the number of 110Vac outlets you need.
Ship Technical Exhibits support items. You may want or need to ship such items as hardware, a backboard display, or papers to Beaver Run Resort’s Receiving and Shipping Department. Refer to Beaver Run’s Receiving and Shipping Policy Summary for required shipping dates. Do not forget return address shipping labels!!
Set up and tear down of your Technical Exhibits display. The Technical Exhibits Session is 5:00 ~ 8:00 PM. Set up starts at ~2:00 PM and tear down starts when the Technical Exhibits session ends. Any shipped items received by Beaver Run will be available to you. During tear down, re-pack any items that need to be shipped back to you. Please bring mailing labels and packing tape. A Co-Chair and Beaver Run personnel will be available to assist with set up and tear down.
Technical Exhibits paper delivery. If you want to prepare a formal technical paper for the Technical Exhibits session, it must be in the standard AAS format (see web author guidelines on http://www.aas-rocky-mountain-section.org). Please bring copies to hand out. If you want your paper published in the conference proceedings, submit it in Microsoft Word or PDF format on a CD. The deadline for this submittal is the evening of the Technical Exhibits session. One of the Co-Chairs will collect your paper.