• Get your papers cleared early! Clearance can take a month or more depending on your organization’s release process. Keep in mind that the approval cycle will be longer if you have ITAR issues. The conference does not accept responsibility for paper release and clearance authorization. This is your responsibility as an author.
  • Use SI units. See the attached SI units summary and usage guidelines, or find definitions, rules, and style conventions at the National Institute of Standards and Technology SI units web page at http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/index.html
  • The use of video aids as part of the presentation is encouraged when applicable.
  • It is okay to include more recent data in your presentation than is contained in the paper. This assures that the presentation is as up-to-date as possible. Authors shall submit paper and presentation to Session Chair to be readied for conference no later than dates listed on Author Page.
  • Repeat questions from the floor for the benefit of the rest of the audience.
  • Company advertising IS NOT allowed in your paper or in your presentation. The conference committee reserves the right to request updates or remove the paper or presentation if they contain advertising.
  • By submitting a paper to AAS, authors/organizations grant AAS authorization to publish submitted work in conference proceedings.  Authors/organizations retain copyrights to their materials. AAS will not publish previously presented or previously copyrighted work.

Paper Guidelines:

  • The submitted paper for publication should be created in MS-Word in order to allow quick, efficient publication by Univelt Inc.  Additionally, files can be submitted in pdf format, however, iterations between the author and Univelt will likely occur which makes this a less desirable option.  LaTeX format is not acceptable for the submitted paper.  Please follow this template: http://www.univelt.com/paperformats/index.html
  • Papers should be kept to a maximum of 12 pages for this GNC conference.


Presentation Guidelines:

  • Be sure that your viewgraphs are kept simple, and are readable from an acceptable distance. Use as many pictures as possible. Keep illustrations large and legible for a large conference room.
  • Font size for viewgraphs should be kept large, 16 point minimum.
  • Show the significance of the work.
  • Present your viewgraphs electronically. A computer with PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat will be available. Presentations should be transferred to the master computer prior to the session. Work with Local Session Chair to set up arrangements for this transfer.
  • Audio Visual Equipment is also available for rental. Please advise the Session Chair of any additional Audio Visual needs.
  • The Local Session Chairperson will assist with advancing your slides. Bring your presentation soft copy on CD/ROM or a Thumbdrive. Presentation soft copy must be compatible with Windows XP Operating System and Office 2007 software. Adobe PDF files are also an acceptable format for soft copy presentations.
  • Allow time for questions. Presentations are limited to 20 minutes including questions; dry run them for timing.
  • Session Chair will monitor time of each presentation and moderate when necessary.